Ben Mendelsohn Talks About Keeping Star Wars Secret


Bloodline's star, Ben Mendelsohn went on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night to promote his work and discuss Star Wars. Little is known about his character in the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which has been going through reshoots. His character has been named as Director Krennic, an Empire Military Director, who is "tasked with standing between the Rebels and the Death Star's plans."

Jimmy: Did you have to keep it a secret for a while?

Ben: Oh hell yeah, yes.

Jimmy: How long did you have to keep it quiet?

Ben: Oh it just, it felt like forever.... the worst thing is, right you'll be walking down the street and see some kid in a Star Wars t-shirt and be like... "I'm in that."

Joking, after a discussion about kids names growing up, Mendelsohn said something about Ben and Ben Kenobi Jimmy Kimmel, jumped on that..."Did we just get a clue?" Ben, yet again made the "my lips are sealed" shake of the head.

Reddit user ImDravenUCrazy had an interesting fan theory:


They've also depicted Snoke in whitish lavish clothes... almost in a similar style to Krennic's.
Another thing is that their bone, skull, and face structure are actually quite similar.
"It's almost like Snoke was quite handsome when he was younger. And in my mind, the more powerful he's become, the more the Dark Side consumes him. We made his eyes really pale, pale blue so the whites of his eyes are almost the same color as his skin and costume. Piercing."- Manzella....
Ben Mendelsohn has always been quite handsome with piercing silver/blue eyes and the whites of his eyes are almost the same color as HIS costume.
Ask yourself this: Why would they need to put another main villain in this movie when they have the big hitters like Vader, Sidious and Tarkin at their disposal...?
Its quite simple actually, its because Krennic is hiding behind a Snoke Screen.