Carrie Fisher's Dog Gary Shared Heartwarming Photo in Birthday Tribute to the Late Star Wars Star

October 21st would have been the 65th birthday of the late, great Carrie Fisher. Fisher was an actor and writer best known for playing Princess Leia in Star Wars, and she got a whole lot of love from fans on social media in honor of her birthday. There were also many posts from Fisher's friends and family, including her friend and onscreen brother Mark Hamill as well as her only daughter, Billie Lourd. One post that warmed many people's hearts was that of Gary Fisher, Fisher's dog who went to live with her former assistant, Corby McCoin, after she passed away. 

"Happy heavenly birthday to my mom. I miss these moments but cherish them as well. 🐶❤️💔#garymisseshismom #garyloveshismom #garyloveshisfans #garyfisher #carriefisher #frenchbulldog #frenchiesofinstagram," Gary wrote on Instagram. You can check out the pup's post below:

Fisher adopted Gary from her daughter to help manage her bipolar disorder. "I live for Gary," Lourd told Today back in 2016. "He was mine first and she actually stole him from me because she fell in love with him." Fisher told The Herald Tribune in 2013, "Gary is mental also. My mother [Debbie Reynolds] says Gary is a hooligan. Gary is like my heart ... Gary is very devoted to me and that calms me down. He's anxious when he's away from me."

Back in 2018, two years after Fisher's death, her half-sister Joely Fisher revealed that Gary still missed her, but enjoyed daily visits from Joely. "They were very, very close. I truly believe that he recognizes that she is not here. But it's funny. When I started spending time with him, we have a similar timber in our voice so when I say 'Gary,' like Carrie would have, he looks." She added, "I see Gary every day and he's doing great. He's a really great dog. He's on my Instagram almost every day too, so people can go check him out there. He's a very special animal."

As for Lourd, Fisher's daughter often posts sweet memories of her mom, including a pregnancy side-by-side earlier this year in honor of Mother's Day. In a recent interview with the New Day podcast, Lourd opened up about the "brutal" experience of mourning her mother and grandmother as a young public figure

We're sending our thoughts to those all who loved Carrie Fisher.