New Disney+ Report Says The Simpsons and Star Wars Rebels Top Viewer Interest List

There is a lot for movie and TV fans to look forward to when the Disney+ streaming service launches in November. The Disney Vault will finally be available for people to stream, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be found in the same place, and there will be enough Disney Channel Original Movies to keep people busy for weeks; and that's just the movie side of things. Disney-owned TV shows from various decades are all going to be housed on Disney+, but there are some that fans are more excited about than the rest.

On Friday, Variety revealed the results of a study conducted by the folks at Parrot Analytics, aiming to figure out what people were most excited to see on Disney+. Surprisingly, The Simpsons and Star Wars Rebels came out on top as the most highly-anticipated current titles coming to the streaming service.

The study measures demand for content by "capturing billions of data points from a variety of sources, tracing interactions it refers to as 'demand expressions' from the likes of social media, video streaming, photo sharing, blogging, fan and critics ratings, and file sharing," per Variety. So basically, Parrot takes all of the mentions of every show coming to Disney+ from across the countries where the service will be available, and combines them into a single metric to determine audience demand.

Disney+ will first arrive in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, so those were the countries involved in the study. When all was said and done, The Simpsons and Star Wars Rebels generated the most impressions amongst the five nations. Also pretty high on the overall list were Mickey Mouse Club and DuckTales.

One thing the Parrot analysis didn't account for was the slate of upcoming original programs launching on Disney+. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and live-action Star Wars project The Mandalorian are both series that will be available on launch day, along with movies like Noelle and Lady and the Tramp. The study only took into effect the shows that already exist prior to the arrival of Disney+.


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Disney+ will launch on November 12th.