Has Disney Scrapped the Third Stand-alone Star Wars Movie?

While Rogue One: A Star Wars Story kicked off the anthology series with a bang, it seems the third film in the series might have disappeared completely.

Back when the Star Wars spinoff films were first announced, three were highlighted by Lucasfilm and Disney. The first was Rogue One by Gareth Edwards and has since been released to rave reviews. The second was a Han Solo spinoff film with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller at the helm, though they have since been replaced by Ron Howard. The final film in that initial announcement was left a bit mysterious, but was heavily rumored to involve Boba Fett, that is until things with director Josh Trank went south.

Trank was let go by Lucasfilm after the rather public falling out over the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot. The film failed to ignite any box office, but most of the issues came from behind the scenes, and since they let Trank go little to nothing has been heard from the bounty hunter starring film. Fans were hopeful that Disney would shed some lights on their plans for it this year, as it was originally scheduled to hit in 2020. Since then though Disney has released the upcoming movies for their 2020 slate, and there's no trace of a Star Wars film.

When Han Solo was experiencing issues, Disney quickly moved to resolve it, bringing in a new director quickly and getting things moving again. It's been the opposite with the third spin-off, suggesting that maybe it was so early in the stages of development that it is easier for the studio to just let it go. If not, perhaps they just don't like Trank's vision, and will need to start all over.

They can let it quietly fade into the background and replace it with an all-new vision, but Disney hasn't said anything either way about the situation. That didn't stop them from announcing a brand new trilogy though, so it seems like the Boba Fett project might just be far from a priority.

The project was rumored to include not just Boba Fett, but also plenty of other bounty hunters both new and old alongside him. Boba continues to be one of the most popular Star Wars characters, but it remains to be seen if someone else will take the baton for his solo project.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

(H/T Digital Spy)

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