'Star Wars' Star Mark Hamill Responds to Tommy Wiseau Asking Him for Oscars Tickets

The 90th Academy Awards are just hours away, and it looks like one celebrity is using some creative means to attempt to get tickets.

Mark Hamill, who is among the list of presenters for tonight's event, was recently asked if he could lend an extra ticket to Tommy Wiseau, the creator and star of The Room and the subject of The Disaster Artist. Hamill quickly responded with a pretty endearing reply, saying that he would help Wiseau if he had the means to.

Putting aside the fact that Wiseau wasn't able to get tickets to tonight's event, despite The Disaster Artist being nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, this exchange between him and Hamill will probably warm a few fans hearts. After all, Wiseau has been tied to the Star Wars world in a unique way recently, thanks to an avalanche of "Oh hi, Mark." memes.

Late last year, Wiseau took that connection to another level, voicing his interest in appearing in Star Wars: Episode IX. But if that doesn't happen, he could very well have another tie to Hamill, as he has been campaigning for a role as DC Comics' the Joker.

While Wiseau might not be able to use Hamill's extra ticket during tonight's ceremonies, audiences will be curious to see if either of their films end up winning awards. The Last Jedi is nominated for four technical awards, which could add to a pretty eclectic list of awards its won thus far.


"One of the things I like about the films is the inter-generational aspect," Hamill explained during a recent awards ceremony. "Children that were fans of the original films are grown now and sharing them with their children and even their grandchildren. It's amazing to me. I never get tired of people who come up to me and relate stories. It's become such a fabric of pop culture and they say, 'You helped me get through my mother's illness' or 'I met my wife through the original and by the third sequel we had children named Luke and Leia.' You visit hospitals and it's so moving. A child told me. 'I'm not afraid they're going to amputate my arm because Luke lost his hand and Luke's a hero.'"

The Last Jedi hits Digital HD on March 13th and on Blu-ray and DVD on March 27th.