Star Wars: Andor Releases First Soundtrack, Including Viral Club Beat

The first season of Star Wars: Andor is seven episodes deep on Disney+, and fans still have five more to look forward to in addition to a second season. There's been a lot to love about the show from the cast to the sets and story, and there's also been a great score composed by Nicholas Britell who previously won an Emmy for creating the Succession theme. If you're a fan of Andor's music, you're in luck, because the first soundtrack is officially available. 

Volume 1 of the Andor soundtrack is out now and it includes "Niamos! (Morlana Club Mix)" which was featured at the end of the seventh episode, "Announcement." The track is only one minute and 41 seconds long, but people are already obsessed with the club beat. Polygon called the jam a "barn-burner" and "absolute banger," and we're inclined to agree. You can listen to the song below:

What Is It Like To Compose For Star Wars

Britell recently spoke with about the music of Andor and was asked about taking a more somber tone than John Williams' original score.

"You know, it was interesting. I think because it was presented to me from the very beginning as like, 'Let's really reimagine this,' I think that gave me the confidence," Britell explained. "And also, [Lucasfilm president] Kathy Kennedy and [showrunner] Tony [Gilroy] were so supportive of that. They really encouraged that. It was never an issue of running into that direction and then saying, 'Oh, I can't.' You know, it was more just actually, really starting from the very beginning of, 'What is Andor and what do we want to feel?' And, you know, 'What is the sense?' I don't want to give any spoilers away, but there's certain on-camera music – there's a lot of on-camera music in the series, as you know, a lot of elements where there score and music and sequences are happening at the same time on-camera."

He added, "Some of those elements in particular connected to Marva and Ferrix, those were places that I really started. 'What is that feeling?' And dealing with what was right in front of me there. You know, what is Ferrix? Who are these people? Who is Cassian? I think the starting place, interestingly, with some of these themes was very much that I wanted the music to have its own feeling of discovery. We don't really know where we are at the beginning of this. And Cassian himself, as we discover, he's learning who he is as well, throughout the series. There is a sense of discovery of self throughout this show. And so, I think the music, at the very beginning and like, even the first main title theme, for example, there's like, a question. There's a pulse, and then there's another, and it sort of grows, and you are learning what it is as it happens, and then it has a crescendo and then it cuts out."

Britell continued, "So I think, in a way, there's almost a metaphor there for the show. This idea that we are learning, the characters are learning. It's something a little different. It's something new and the music is, hopefully, providing a sense of that sense of learning and discovery as well."

Andor releases new episodes on Wednesdays.