Star Wars: Move Over Baby Yoda, An Artist Has Designed Baby Jabba

Baby Yoda has been the force strong enough to unite the entire Star Wars fandom in agreement over [...]

Baby Yoda has been the force strong enough to unite the entire Star Wars fandom in agreement over the little green guy being the cutest being in the galaxy. Now, the scene stealing star of The Mandalorian has some competition thanks to a digital artists who has imagined what another character might look like as a baby: Jabba the Hutt. The big slimey blob known best for harassing the Star Wars heroes in the original trilogy has been de-aged and imagined as a little Jabba and, according to the Internet, it is giving the little Yoda lookalike a run for its money as the cutest thing in the world.

Artist Saby Menyhei has worked up a digital design of the baby Jabba, which we can only imagine is one of a million mock ups of Star Wars characters in their infancy following the popularity of Baby Yoda. Of course, Baby Jabba has his toys, like a little Leia action figure, ominously teasing the uncomfortable hostage situation he would be at the helm of later in life.

Warning: You can never un-see Baby Jabba, but if you want to take a look, check it out below...

(Photo: Saby Menyhei / ArtStation)

For more from Menyhei (he has an impressive resume of digital art), check out his ArtStation page.

This is only the beginning. The never-ending supply of memes featuring Baby Yoda have only risen in popularity through the first three episodes of The Mandalorian. As the show and its little green guy rises is popularity, the baby Star Wars characters are probably going to continue pouring out as artists look to get some eyeballs on their work.

So, who is cuter: Baby Yoda or Baby Jabba? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram or Twitter.

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