Star Wars Fan Predicts Who Will Win Lightsaber Battles With Clever Sports Analogy

Lightsabers are more than just weapons in the Star Wars universe. They can be extremely telling with regards to the user and their pasts, but one astute fan has a theory designed to predict how two fighters will fare in any individual lightsaber battle in the series. Of all things, the explanation finds it’s roots in sports and how that world functions. After this year’s World Series, (I know, stay with me!) it became clear that each team triumphed on the road to the Washington Nationals claiming their first title in Houston. That got the poster thinking, is this transferable to Star Wars in some way? If you look at the pattern of the movies, it seems clear that something similar is going on. Each side of the conflict usually takes an L the first time they step outside what one would consider their home field. Probably a good thing to keep in mind for the finale of this current trilogy.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi left a lot of fans with serious questions about where the saga was headed. Lucasfilm has already started to pull back the curtain on what lies ahead for the heroes of the story. Daisy Ridley appeared at Star Wars Celebration to talk about her character headed into Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The actress might’ve let it slip that her broken lightsaber from the previous films might be making a grand return in the next installment.

Does the “away team” always win lightsaber conflicts in Star Wars? from r/starwarsspeculation

"The lightsaber that Rey inherited lives," Ridley divulged during the panel, prompting raucous reactions from the crowd. Star Wars: The Force Awakens saw Rey come into possession of Luke's lightsaber while exploring Maz Kanada's castle on Takodana. She fought Kylo Ren over the weapon in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Their dueling Force abilities (and a perfectly-timed suicide strike by Vice Admiral Holdo) resulted in the lightsaber exploding into two parts.

Rey of course grabbed the lightsaber pieces and exposed kyber crystal. She was upset by the weapon’s apparent destruction when talking to Leia Organa. The heroine even likened it to the future of the Resistance. But, Leia just calmly replies, “We have everything we need.” Rey will reassemble the lightsaber between the two movies so the staff will take a backseat again.


Abrams has confirmed the timeskip heading into The Rise of Skywalker. There will be some time between The Last Jedi and the upcoming film.

“The movie doesn’t pick up immediately after the last film." Abrams said during the panel at Star Wars Celebration. "Some time has passed. This movie is an adventure the group goes on together. One of the great things about getting to work on the movie is the dynamic between all of the characters. They’re amazing together, and it’s something I’m excited for you all to see.”