Star Wars: Michigan Woman Delivers Patton Oswalt's 'Parks and Recreation' Filibuster at Real Meeting

The nine-minute filibuster in which Patton Oswalt delivered a bizarre monologue about a hypothetical Star Wars/Marvel crossover on Parks and Recreation has broken out into the real world.

Nerdist has the story of a Michigan woman who appropriated his Marvel Meets Star Wars pitch to filibuster a local county meeting.

Here's how Nerdist explains the madness:

"Citizens of Livingston County, Michigan held a 'people's protest' (which we learned about at during a County Board of Commissioners meeting because the council had previously voted to stop airing meetings on local TV. Hoping to each use their full three minutes of allotted speaking time during public comments, the good people of Livingston County talked about things like transparency and why they can't make every meeting in person."

You can see the actual video below.

In 2013, the fan-favorite comedian appeared on Parks and Recreation, playing, Garth Blundin. In the episode "Article Two", Garth attempts to filibuster a local piece of legislation by outlining his proposal for Star Wars: Episode VII, which was in production at the time. What followed was a nearly nine minute-long crossover pitch, entirely improvised by Oswalt, which imagines the Star Wars universe crossing over with the Avengers and the X-Men.

While Oswalt's pitch is admittedly still a little too fantastical (especially because a Star Wars/Marvel crossover is probably not in the cards), there is a bit of irony in what it sort of predicted. At the time, Marvel having both the Avengers and X-Men back under one roof seemed next to impossible, as Marvel Studios was trucking along in its second phase, while Fox's X-Men universe was gradually rebooting with the help of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The fact that both the Avengers and X-Men are back together now - and are owned by the same company that owns Star Wars - is a pretty great coincidence.

Oswalt, meanwhile, has the comic book role he was born to play: the title character on SYFY's Happy!, which returns to the airwaves on March 27.



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