Star Wars: Ashley Eckstein Teases "Epic" Upcoming Episodes of Clone Wars

The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has already more than lived up to the hype. It began with an excellent arc wrapping up dangling plot threads about Captain Rex and the Clone troopers. Then it caught up with former Jedi Ahsoka Tano. Her arc has already revealed the corruption of the Jedi and set up her role in The Mandalorian. Ahsoka voice actress Ashley Eckstein spoke to's Comic Book Nation podcast her new book I Am a Padawan. She also spoke about this season of The Clone Wars, teasing its biggest moments are yet to come.

"Well, I will tell you there is a lot to be excited about with these upcoming episodes," Eckstein says. "I don't want to say too much but I will say these episodes are epic. Truly some of the best Star Wars, I think, that's ever been made. Everyone brought their A-game, everyone brought their best to these episodes and they're truly mind-blowing and I think they're gonna be essential viewing moving forward - especially as part of the films from Episode II to Episode III."

The final arc of The Clone Wars will be about the Siege of Mandalore. This is the story in which Ahsoka and Captain Rex lead the Republic Army in liberating Mandalore from Darth Maul's control. Eckstein told Comic Book Nation that the story will become essential to appreciating Star Wars' Skywalker saga.

"I've been reading a lot of people's comments and everyone wants to make the jump to the Siege of Mandalore," Eckstein said. "I mean, we've been waiting for that ever since Clone Wars was canceled at the end of season 5. Thankfully, because of Star Wars Rebels we know that Ahsoka lives, we know that she survives but we don't know how or why or what happened. So I had all those same questions. So I understand why everyone wants to jump straight to it. You really need the Siege of Mandalore to understand everything that happens in the Skywalker saga. It's pretty incredible."

The Siege of Mandalore brings together many Star Wars plots. It is one of the final battles of the Clone Wars before Order 66 heralds the rise of the Galactic Empire. It sees Darth Maul deposed and resorting to running his criminal syndicate. It also marks the departure of the Darksaber from Mandalore.


New episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars stream Fridays on Disney+.