Star Wars: The Mandalorian Finds an Ally and Baby Yoda Makes Friends in "Sanctuary"

The mysterious saga of The Mandalorian continues with the latest episode of the Star Wars series on Disney+, one that features a major change of scenery for the franchise thus far. But the titular bounty hunter and his new Force-sensitive ward continue to forge their own path in the galaxy, finally finding some semblance of peace in the fourth episode of the season, called "Sanctuary." But of course, nothing can last when you're living life on the run; and yet, neither the Mandalorian nor Baby Yoda would likely change a thing after this surprising installment.

Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars: The Mandalorian episode "Sanctuary" below.

In the fourth episode of the series, the Mandalorian retreats to a forest planet in the Outer Rim, one that is devoid for space ports or major population centers, and is instead home to small villages and cities where he can lie low with the mysterious baby he's now caring for.

It is at the local watering hole where he runs into Cara Dune, a former Imperial Shock Trooper who abandoned the Empire after the destruction of the second Death Star and has since been living her life with one eye over her shoulder, fearing that her old Imperial allies would come back for her. Cara and the Mandalorian decide to team up after the latter learns of a fishing village coming under attack from pillagers.

We find out that this fishing village is being overrun by Klatooinian raiders, a race of dog-like humanoids that attack and steal the fishing village's food with the aid of a stolen AT-ST. And while the Mandalorian seems eager to leave them alone to their own devices, he soon realizes that Baby Yoda is enjoying their time in the village, playing with kids and attempting to eat the local frog-like species.

The Mandalorian and Cara Dune team up to take down the raiders, teaching the villagers how to defend themselves in the process, and forming a strong bond in the process. Meanwhile, Baby Yoda begins to live a life of normalcy, but it is interrupted by yet another bounty hunter attempting to take the life of the child.

Cara Dune intervenes and saves the child's life, and the Mandalorian realizes that the child will not be safe wherever he goes, not so long as the remnants of the Empire continue to hunt him down.

But that all sets up the future of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, which will continue with its fight episode next week on Disney+.


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