Star Wars: The Mandalorian Finale Features Hidden Cameos From Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally

Chapter 8 of The Mandalorian has been released on Disney+, offering up an extended concluding [...]

Chapter 8 of The Mandalorian has been released on Disney+, offering up an extended concluding episode for the Star Wars show's first season on the streaming service. The episode picks up where the previous episode, Chapter 7, left off, immediately in the aftermath of Baby Yoda (more properly referred to as The Child) being kidnapped by a couple of Stormtroopers. Those Stormtroopers turn out to be a couple of fun cameos by well known actors. As the credits for the episode reveal, the Stormtroopers seen at the beginning of The Mandalorian's Chapter 8 episode are played by Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally.

Spoilers for The Mandalorian Chapter 8 follow. Major spoilers!

To open Chapter 8, Sudeikis and Pally were transporting Baby Yoda to Moff Gideon. They stopped and waited to be ordered in, where they started to get a bit curious about The Child. One after the other, they punched the baby and went on to showcase their terrible aim. Director Taika Waititi managed to both infuriate audiences with the harming of the precious and adorable Baby Yoda and also make viewers laugh by mocking Stormtroopers having bad aim.

Still, Sudeikis and Pally might never be forgiven for the crime they committed in harming the baby. Sudeikis is well know for his appearances on Saturday Night Live and work in films such as Horrible Bosses, Angry Birds, and We're The Millers. Pally is known to the audience for his appearance in Iron Man 3 as Gary, the super fan in the news van, but is also known for roles in Dirty Grandpa, Band Aid, and ABC's Happy Endings.

Ultimately, the two Stormtroopers portrayed by Sudeikis and Pally got what they deserved when IG-11 showed up and carried out his orders of protecting Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian's first season has officially come to an end and there production is already underway on a second season. Given the popularity of the first live-action Star Wars show, it seems like that Disney+ will be eager to get another batch of episodes on the streaming platform. The season ended with plenty of room for expansion and dropped a few important teases about what could be coming, especially in regard to the history of the Darksaber revealed in the final moments.

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