Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s John Boyega Encourages Followers to Stop “Jumping to Conclusions” in 2020

John Boyega, the actor best known for playing Finn in the latest Star Wars trilogy, is a frequent poster on social media. Boyega has been sharing tons of fun content leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, sharing hilarious videos that range from "Boyega Wars" to a letter of love to his co-star, Oscar Isaac, who plays Poe Dameron in the films. However, the actor's latest tweet is a little more serious. Boyega is taking to Twitter to encourage fans to "stop jumping to conclusions" in 2020.

“No jumping to conclusions on this social media 2020! Remember if you’re passionate to just blindly write on here be passionate enough to do your research. Very very simple. Take breaks too if you’re like that 👀👀👀,” Boyega wrote.

The subject of the tweet is rather vague, and while we could wager some guesses, that would go against Boeyga's message. However, the actor did make some clarifications in the comments by replying to some fans.

“Hollywood signals interracial relationships with black males that lead nowhere. This has happen[ed] with Supergirl on the CW and I [have] seen it with Agent Carter on ABC and now with Star Wars. If you are not going to show a real relationship don't signal one in the first place,” @WomenIMRL wrote.

“Sorry let me forward you the email to the right people because you definitely think I write these movies lol,” Boyega replied.

“Ignore the haters man. Episode 9 was brilliant. Credit to you, the crew and the cast on a fitting finale for this saga,” @VikashPatel94 added.

“👀👀 You see what I mean. I wasn’t referring to the haters of 9 looool 👀 take that break bro ! Delete the app,” Boyega replied.

“John! I've not done any research or read anything about it but why were you wearing the blue outfit at the premiere the other night? Cheers,” @leedmc asked.

“Now this one you could’ve defo figured out by yourself lol simply because I wanted to,” Boyega explained.

“I just feel bad that Finn is surrounded by space Brits and he has to put on an American accent,” @patty_o_m_g wrote.


“That’s my job as an actor lol very simple,” Boyega added.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now playing in theaters everywhere.