Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker - Kelly Marie Tran's Total Time in Movie Added Up

Fans had very different experiences with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but most would agree there wasn’t a ton of Kelly Marie Tran in the film. It turns out there is just 76 seconds of screen time for the actress in the entire film. That’s absolutely staggering because of the scope of the story and how heavily she featured in the previous installment. But, the one thing that the director and writer have pointed towards is the difficulty of working around the CGI footage of Carrie Fisher. Fans were understandably skeptical of all of that kind of talk, but the creative team is standing by it. The star’s passing complicated matters, especially if you were going to have Tran’s scene all centered around the General. The Rose Tico actress told The Hollywood Reporter about navigating such a tough situation.

"The one thing that was difficult was that you were acting with footage that was prerecorded," Tran described. "So, instead of having an actor there and reacting off the actor, you would sometimes look — in between takes — at how the actor delivered a line and then try to imagine and react to that. So, it definitely took more time and was a very different experience for me. We probably did a lot more takes for scenes with her than without her."

She continued, "It’s one thing to sit there, look at that footage and try to react to it, but a lot of the big group scenes felt like they were puzzle pieces if that makes sense. I think there were more reshoots on those scenes, specifically, to just try and make sure all of the performances matched up since she [Carrie Fisher] wasn’t physically there."

Tran was asked about some of the hardships in filming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and her answer raised some eyebrows on the Internet. That is mostly because it seems like there were entire scenes featuring the actress that might never see the light of day.


“Yeah, it was probably one of the biggest sets I had ever been on,” Tran said about the Battle of Exegol. “It was incredible to see what the stunt teams did. It was also insane to be running across this platform — which I know you only see for a second in the movie — but we shot it so many times. I remember having bruises on my knees the next day because we kept running and then we would fall onto our knees and do some more shooting stuff. I don’t think that’s in the movie. It was definitely organized chaos as stormtroopers were flying, people were on horses…. It was pretty insane.”

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters right now.