The Walking Dead: Austin Amelio Teases What's Next For Daryl

Now that The Walking Dead has premiered its seventh season, and fans know who Negan killed, we can start looking forward at the rest of the series.

One of the biggest questions leaving the premiere, and something that has most fans thinking hard about, is what's going on with Daryl?

Daryl has more history with The Saviors than the rest of the group, as he was the one who had run-ins with Dwight throughout all of season six.

After being shot, and taken hostage, Daryl joins the rest of his friends when Negan finally shows his face. Just when you think he's off the hook, Negan and his people take Daryl with them once more.

In an exclusive interview with's Walking Dead Insider Brandon Davis, Austin Amelio hinted at how bad things will get for Daryl going forward.

If you aren't familiar with Austin Amelio, he's the actor who portrays Dwight on The Walking Dead. Daryl and Dwight have formed a bitter rivalry, and we will see more of their interactions as Daryl is taken captive by The Saviors.

When Brandon first asked Austin what would happen with Daryl, Amelio was quick to shut down. He responded:

"I can't tell ya!"

After a laugh, Austin went on to explain a little bit about what Daryl would encounter throughout the season. Check it out:

"You'll get to see where Daryl is in a few episodes, and it's not pretty man. It's intense stuff."


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While this didn't go into much detail about Daryl's future, it did reveal a couple of things.

For one, it will take a little while to see what happens to Daryl. Since Austin mentioned that it would take a few episodes, don't expect much from Daryl's story in the next week or two.

Second, this confirmed that Daryl will have one of the darkest storylines of the season. Where he's going isn't pretty, and everyone knows he isn't one to take abuse lightly. He will likely spit and cuss his way through some kind of torture, and fans of the character will have a hard go of it for a few weeks.

Amelio's response aligns pretty well with Norman Reedus' insight on Daryl's future in season seven as well. When speaking with Brandon Davis, Reedus had this to say regarding Daryl this season:

"He's a prisoner of war at this point. He doesn't know what is going to happen to him," Reedus said. "Part of him doesn't care. He goes to a point where this is the shitty world we live in, and the weight of so many things is weighing on him right now that he's lost the will to fight a bit."

It looks like Daryl is in for a long season, and fans should hunker down and prepare for the worst. We know Daryl can handle himself, but how much will Negan's torture affect him?

Only time will tell, right?