The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 Extended Clip Introduces The Kingdom

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere did bonkers ratings, but also elicited quite the response from fans: tears, swearing, and screaming, for example. With the death of two major characters in brutal, bloody fashion, it's time to lighten the mood and have a little fun again, something showrunner Scott Gimple promised right after the premiere aired.

In this exclusive extended clip (you may have seen the first 15 seconds or so during Talking Dead), we see Morgan and Carol, as they tour The Kingdom. The next major location in The Walking Dead, The Kingdom is ruled over by King Ezekiel, and his pet tiger Shiva. It's an advanced and civilized area, even moreso than Hilltop or Alexandria, our two major spots from last season, as you can see in the clip. There's a school, plenty of vegetable and fruit growth, horses, buildings that look like they're actually being used as municipal buildings and such.

Morgan and Carol have a chat, as well, in the clip, as they walk through The Kingdom. After her injury, The Kingdom took them in and have been nursing her back to health, as Morgan has been making himself useful. Carol, naturally, is very apprehensive about the space; wide-open areas, tons of people, and her stuck in a wheelchair does not a happy Carol make. Morgan is remarkably even-keel despite what he had to do in the season 6 finale, though. At the end of the clip, he mentions the ruler of The Kingdom, calling King Ezekiel by name.

If you want more information on King Ezekiel, watch our episode of Major Issues featuring his first appearance (but beware: since it's covering the comic book, it may hold spoilers for the TV show).

Khary Payton plays the role, but doesn't appear in the clip just yet. He'll have a prominent spot in the episode, titled "The Well," though, when it airs on AMC at 9/8 central Sunday night.

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