Is Carol Finally Feeling King Ezekiel on 'The Walking Dead'?

Now that they've had a whole season to get to know each other, it seems like Carol might actually be warming up to the idea of being a little more than friends with the king himself, Ezekiel.

In Sunday's episode (Minor spoilers ahead), Ezekiel took charge of his army, fully confident, and marched them to war against the Saviors. Not once did he falter, and not once did anyone question his command. This clearly impressed Carol.

If you recall, Carol wasn't exactly on board with Ezekiel's act last season. She called him out for his ridiculous demeanor when they first met, saying that she saw right through it. Now, she's singing a different tone.

Fans of the comics have been looking out for a relationship between Carol and Ezekiel for some time now, mainly because the storyline already happened in the source material, but with a different spin.

In the books, it was Michonne that Ezekiel fell for. She went with Rick when he first went to meet Ezekiel, and she thought he was full of it from the moment they met. However, not one to give up, Ezekiel continued to pursue her. Eventually, the duo got together and remained in a relationship for a number of years.

Since Michonne effectively took the place of Andrea on the show, falling in love with Rick and helping him raise his two kids, the storyline with Ezekiel was open for someone else. Carol died a long time ago in the comics, so everything about her current character on the show is fresh territory.

If things keep heading in this direction, it probably won't be long until Carol and Ezekiel actually get together.

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