'The Walking Dead' To Feature Fully Nude Walker

The world will soon be seeing more of The Walking Dead's zombie effects than ever before, as the AMC show is primed to debut its first ever fully nude walker.

With the back half of The Walking Dead Season Eight on the way, executive producer Greg Nicotero promises the nude walker will be arriving soon. “There’s an episode where we did our first fully nude walker," Nicotero told EW. "We’ve never done that before."

There's no word on whether or not the walker will be going full frontal exposure or will be seen from behind but, either way, it won't have any of its clothes on.

The nude walker isn't the only thing coming to the back half of Season Eight according to Nicotero. The war has shifted and it's time for the last stand. "I think the second half of the season, there’s much less talking about what’s going on," Nicotero said. "Clearly, the balance has shifted. Now that Negan and his group have escaped the Sanctuary, there’s not as much talking about what the ramifications are of what we’re going to do, but now our group has to be on the defensive because Negan’s out and he’s pissed and it’s definitely a different dynamic than the first half of the season.

"In the first half of the season, they show up outside the Sanctuary, they lay out the plan and then they head off to the satellite dishes, but I got to say, there are instances when a lot of these characters go rogue and you kind of wonder if they would have just stuck to the plan, would they have been successful? But between Rick going rogue and then Tara and Daryl going rogue, and Michonne and Rosita sort of going out there, there’s a lot of emotion involved around it."

The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its eighth season on February 25, 2018. Fear the Walking Dead will debut its fourth season after The Walking Dead concludes its eighth, at 10 pm ET on April 15. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

The Walking DeadSunday at 9PM EST on AMC

The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadSunday at 9PM EST on AMC

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