Zombie Tourist Fight Started Outside 'The Walking Dead' Set

A herd of tourists dressed as walkers near The Walking Dead's set stirred up a conflict earlier this week.

Senoia, Georgia has become a hot spot for fans of the AMC show to come and feel like they are visiting the apocalyptic settings seen on television. In fact, Main Street in the small town served as the Woodbury strip from Season Three, sitting just a few hundred feet away from what is now the show's Alexandria neighborhood. When a pack of fans who dressed up as the show's zombies were strutting through town on a tour, one local took offense, claiming it was bad for business.

"Pretty much the tourists, they get to actually feel like they're part of the show," Senoia local Jamie Thompson told 11Alive. Thompson hosts The Walkin' Dead Haralson Tours and has done so for years, seeing fans from all over the country come through for a visit.

On Saturday, a man confronted one of her group's outside of Katie Lou's Cafe, and the tour's guide Terrie Hamrick recalls how hostile he was regarding the group's presence.

"He said the F-word, 'turn around and keep on walking’," Hamrick said. Shortly thereafter, the police were called, as the man spouted out his frustration in front of families with children. "And then the guy got irate and some lady ran out of the restaurant with an apron on shooting birds and—foul language again," Hamrick said. "So, we just went on to our cars."

The man initially claimed to be an employee of the restaurant but was in no way affiliated with Katie Lou's Cafe.

For the most part, the Senoia, Georgia community looks at The Walking Dead and the tourism created by it as a good thing. "Ninety percent positive feedback," Thompson said about her tours.


"Thompson met with Police Chief Jason Edens Tuesday afternoon to ask for help for her zombies," 11Alive reports. "Edens issued an edict: as long as zombies walk next to the curb on the public right-of-way, away from the outside tables, they're allowed to walk past Katie Lou's. And Katie Lou’s is free to unwelcome the undead."

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