'Venom' and 'The Walking Dead' Actor Decides Whether Negan is as Funny as Venom

It has been a good year for comic book fans who like their villains/antiheroes to be snarky and ultraviolent.

Besides Deadpool 2, we also got Venom and The Walking Dead -- the latter of which, of course, has been around for nearly a decade...but the pitch-black humor of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan is something else entirely.

Luckily for everybody, there is one character actor -- Scott Deckert -- who had small roles in both The Walking Dead and Venom...and fans had an important question for him during a recent Reddit AMA:

Who's funnier?

"They're both actually pretty funny dudes," Deckert said. "I'd have to give the humor award to Venom, though. He's quirkier and wears his heart on his sleeve and you can just tell there's some awesome shit going on in his head!"

We are inclined to agree. Both of them can crack wise when the time is right, but Venom just muses to himself about how delicious small dogs look, while Negan beats beloved characters to death with a baseball bat.

Besides, so far this season, Negan is a lot less snarky, considering how much time he has been spending in a well-deserved cell, pouring his heart out to people who hate him.

Deckert was also on the receiving end of some of Venom's humor in the movie, since he was the noisy neighbor who got the crap scared out of him when Eddie Venom-ed out a little bit.


Venom got beat up by reviewers, but it has been generally popular with audiences, and has grossed over half a billion worldwide, breaking a handful of October records along the way. The film set up a likely sequel by introducing Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady/Carnage in the post-credits sequence, and Sony is already developing movies for Kraven the Hunter and Morbius the Living Vampire that will likely not include Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, even if they fold Spider-Man in.

Venom is probably still in a few discount theaters, but most audiences may have to wait until it comes to home video to see it at this point. The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.