'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Explains Negan Plot Hole

The Walking Dead saw Negan hightailing it out of Alexandria on Sunday night but many were left wondering why Judith's bedroom was vacant and why he chose to hang around for the night and risk getting caught.

Apparently, there are answers to both of those questions in regards to Negan's time out of prison. The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang opened up about both details while talking to Insider which might help it all make a little bit of sense.

In regards to Negan taking his time in leaving Alexandria, it turns out the former villain didn't actually stick around too late aside from grabbing a bite to eat and finding supplies in Rick's old house. "Maybe that's a little too confusing. Part of it is he had escaped probably closer to dawn," Kang said. "The daylight may have not totally worked for us. They actually did shoot it first thing in the morning, at first light, when he's escaping, but it gets bright very quickly."

Furthermore, viewers were left wondering why Judith was not in her house when Negan made his way into her room to take a compass (and one of Rick's old shirts). "The other thing that perhaps isn't as clear as it should be is that Judith actually didn't stay [at her home] overnight," said Kang. "In our minds, she's probably staying with a babysitter and so when he went over to their house and was wandering around, fortunately the children weren't home. We felt Michonne would, having gone on a trip over to the Hilltop, would have left [Judith and RJ] with a trusted family friend."


This only raises one more question, though: Why was Judith roaming around outside of Alexandria by herself to find Negan if she can't sleep at home alone? This little girl can run around outside alone where threats are constantly popping up but can't get some sleep in the comfort of her own room if Michonne is not home? As noted by Insider's Kirsten Acuna, she might have been having a slumber party with Aaron's adopted daughter Gracie.

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