'The Walking Dead': Ross Marquand Shows Off New Impressions, Teases Season 10 Production

The Walking Dead star Ross Marquand is at it again with his celebrity impressions, this time adding a few new voices to his arsenal while preparing for production on the tenth season of AMC's zombie series. In the mean time, he'll be appearing at Heroes & Villains FanFest in Chicago over the weekend of April 19.

As seen in the video above from Chicago's WGN9, Marquand has added the voices of Jeff Bridges and Pierce Brosnan to his set of celebrity impressions. However, the conversation in the news studio was not all laughs and impressions. Marquand also opened up about his time on The Walking Dead and the upcoming tenth season.

"We're going back to shoot in two weeks now," Marquand said. "It's just incredible. I've been a part of it since Season Five and I still am pinching myself because I'm a part of it. To think that it's been on for [10 years] is just a testament to the fans and how good the show is, I think."

Looking back at joining the series, Marquand was originally pitched a different, lighter version of his Aaron character -- but then Negan came along. "I think Scott Gimple who was the then showrunner, he's very much a comedy, impression guy himself," Marquand explained. "When I was first cast, he wanted Aaron to have more of a comedic slant but, of course, right after he came on the show some bad stuff started happening. So, we never got to really see the comedic side of Aaron but I'm hoping in Season 10 or 11, maybe a musical episode or something!"


The actor is very much enjoying his time on the AMC series, which prompts a bit of a sweat each time he gets a new script for the series built on a mantra of no one character being safe. "It's terrifying because you do often times find out maybe a week in advance," Marquand said. "Every time you read a script, you're rubbing your temples like, 'Please don't let it be me!'"

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