Fear The Walking Dead Showrunners Comment On Major Rick Grimes Connection

Fear the Walking Dead dropped the first major clue in regards to the Rick Grimes movies with its Season 5 premiere's final moments. The same three-ring logo which was plastered onto the helicopter which flew Rick away from Alexandria in The Walking Dead's ninth season popped up on a map and various items being carried by a heavily armored soldier in the sibling series. Now, the showrunners of Fear the Walking Dead have commented on those soldiers and what they might mean for The Walking Dead universe.

Fear the Walking Dead's co-showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss appeared on Talking Dead as the recap show aired an hour later than usual to allow for AMC to slip its new NOS4A2 series in between it and Fear. During the conversation with Hardwick, the duo were asked about the mysterious conclusion to the Season 5 premiere, which prompted some vague but important responses.

“They may remain mysterious for a little while but we can say they’re definitely not robots despite the wires sticking out of the uniforms," Chambliss said, adding a joke: "Maybe cyborgs, I don’t know." As more time passes on Fear the Walking Dead, new details will emerge. "We will learn a lot more about that symbol and the soldier, and it may have some lasting effects on a character on the show.”

Fear the Walking Dead, at this point, is at least six years behind the current timeline of The Walking Dead. However, with only a "few months" having passed in the time since Fear's Season 4 finale, it is unclear whether or not the story in Season 5 is taking place before or after Rick Grimes was flown out of the Alexandria area. Episode 9x05 of The Walking Dead was set roughly 18 months after Morgan left Alexandria to join Fear the Walking Dead's group of survivors.


Could Fear the Walking Dead be on a collision course with The Walking Dead or the Rick Grimes movies? Is Althea headed to the same place which Rick Grimes jetted off to? Could they be together in the Commonwealth? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram or Twitter!

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season in October. The Rick Grimes movies have not yet been given a release date.