How Will The Walking Dead Season 7 End?

It's never too soon to look ahead. While most of us are sitting here wondering what's going to [...]


It's never too soon to look ahead. While most of us are sitting here wondering what's going to happen in the opening (and sure-to-be brutal) moments of The Walking Dead's seventh season, some of us are looking ahead to how it will all end next April.

The Walking Dead has a lot of ground to cover in its Negan story arc should it choose to follow the comics. Plus, beyond Negan, even more terrifying arcs are set up for the future (like the Whisperers). The savage group likely won't make any impact on the seventh season but the Saviors certainly will.

So, by comparison to the comics, where will The Walking Dead season end? We can only answer that question mathematically at this point.

Through six season, The Walking Dead TV series finds itself at a story point equivalent of the events of issue #100 from 2012. The pace is exactly 20 issues per season, though some covered more or less than others. But, at that rate, let's assume The Walking Dead season 7 ends around issue #120.

(Spoilers from the comics, and possibly TV series follow)

Issue #120 is exactly half way through the All Out War story arc which saw Rick's army of Hilltop, Kingdom, and Alexandria soldiers taking on Negan's Saviors. The issue is a great breaking point between seasons, providing a twisted and surprising major death and a great, exciting, action-packed jumping on point for Season 8.

During issue #120, Negan arrives at Alexandria with Holly (the closest TV comparison would be Sasha) with a bag over her head. Holly drove a school bus into Negan's Sanctuary's walls and found herself captured by the menace and now serves as a hostage. As Rick bends to Negan's will once more, Negan offers her back to Alexandria but the bag over her head is removed to reveal that she is now a zombie, promptly biting Denise (yes, she was still alive at this point in the comics).

The following moments see Negan tossing grenades into Alexandria, severely damaging several houses and injuring many of its residents. Alexandria scrambles for safety as Maggie, the now-leader of the Hilltop, shows up and scares off the Saviors from outside of the Alexandria gates. While most of the Saviors want to retreat, Negan takes a moment to remind his men that the smoke coming from Alexandria is the indication of victory.

Alternatively, the season could end with the March To War leaving All Out War to consume most of Season 8 or, if the pacing is very quick, the War could be completed by the end of Season 7 with Season 8 reserved for the rebuilding and aftermath. Recapping the end of the war would be a pretty heavy spoiler so we'll at least avoid that for now.

Though many fans will compare Negan to the Governor, his role in the comics is much more significant. They both have huge impacts on the lives of the characters and shake up the status quo but Negan becomes something more after the war is over as opposed to how the Governor came and went. The idea of having the main war with Negan arc play out over a season and a half like the Governor's did (meaning All Out War ends with 8A) and ushering in a new arc with 8B doesn't seem farfetched looking at The Walking Dead's track record.

Whether or not the TV show will reach this point (or further) in Season 7 is to be seen. The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season on October 23. For complete coverage, insider info, and more all season long, follow me on Twitter @BrandonDavisBD and check out The Walking Dead on on Facebook.