Lauren Cohan And Steven Yeun On Maggie And Glenn In The Walking Dead Season 7

Maggie and Glenn are one of the few beacons of hope in the world of The Walking Dead. The couple has stuck together and survived tremendous obstacles and tragic loss since meeting the show's second season but, going forward, they face the biggest and most dangerous threats so far.

As the world around them continues to expand, Negan will be oppressing the people of Alexandria, beginning with a brutal swing of his bat.

Still, if Alexandria's favorite couple can make it out of Negan's line-up together, they will be relying on one another to put the world back together.

twd glenn maggie

"Glenn and Maggie are classic," Steven Yeun says during The Walking Dead's New York Comic Con panel as Lauren Cohan leans on his shoulder. "If you were to look at the circumstances, you could argue that having someone is a danger but I think that - what Glenn and Maggie have - they're better. They're greater when they're together."

"We were pretty incapacited knowing that somebody was going to be hurt if we did anything," Cohan says. "I can never say how she would have handled it differently."

Furthermore, Cohan went into detail about what will certainly be a spinechilling Season 7 premiere for the series. "It's so unexpected, jarring, and destabilizing," Cohan says. "We will see how people deal with what they could and should and would have done."

Glenn is widely suspected as the victim of Negan's punishment as a result of his infamous death on the pages of The Walking Dead's 100th issue. A new clip from the Season 7 premiere revealed the first look at Negan's victim, however, they were beaten so badly by the time they are shown that the remnants of their skull are completely unrecognizable.

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