'The Walking Dead' Cast Pay Tribute to Superfan Lisa Williams

The Walking Dead lost a brightly shining member of its family when Lisa Williams losing a battle with lung cancer.

Williams was a super fan of the AMC zombie show, regularly met with the show's stars at conventions such as Walker Stalker Con or San Diego Comic Con, posing for photos but also standing out to the celebrities. Williams lead a charity group by the name of Team Andy Lincoln, which earned more than $30,000 for Andrew Lincoln's charity in the United Kingdom's Barnardos. She was also very active with other charities and constantly making efforts to improve the community.

Williams is a gleaming example of the positive impact The Walking Dead, its cast, its crew, and its fans can have on each other and their communities.

Since her passing, stars of The Walking Dead have come together on social media to pay tribute to Williams, with Walker Stalker Con's James Frazier also chiming in to honor the woman who always had a front row seat at his conventions.

Norman Reedus was among the first to chime in, posting of photo of Williams and himself on Instagram with a simple caption. "Gonna miss you Lisa," Reedus wrote. "You were always so cool and always had a smile for everyone."

See the touching post below.

Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan also took to social media to honor Williams, having come to know her in his now several years on The Walking Dead.

"Real blessed that we get to meet a lot of great and special people," Morgan wrote. "Lisa always stood out as one of the best. She will be missed by all of us that were lucky enough to know her." The tweet is below.

Aaron actor Ross Marquand also chimed into the conversation to honor Williams.

"Absolutely devastated to learn that we lost one of the most lovely, generous fans I've ever had the pleasure of meeting," Marquand wrote on Instagram. "Lisa was the epitome of kindness and always worked hard to improve conditions for her community. Please send love and thoughts to her family during this difficult time."


Williams' charitable efforts can still be accessed and contributed to. To find her site and join the cause, click right here.

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