'The Big Bang Theory' Final Season Premiere Recap: "The Conjugal Configuration"

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(Photo: CBS)

The final season premiere of The Big Bang Theory entitled "The Conjugal Configuration" kicked off tonight with a brief recap of last season's finale, featuring the wedding of Sheldon and Amy before picking up with the two in bed with the pair starting their honeymoon at Legoland. Sheldon equates marriage and sex to legos and how they come together before suprising Amy with room service -- breakfast made of legos.

Leonard and Penny along with Howard and Rajesh and Bernadette walk up the stairs with Rajesh talking about he was asked to speak on the local news. Howard remarks that this is exactly how Neil Degrasse Tyson got his start.

The group is distracted by noises coming from Sheldon and Amy's apartment with Bernadette worried that they might be being robbed. Penny investigates by loudly knocking on the door to discover that it's Amy's father, Larry. He says he was asked to water her plants, but Penny busts him on the lie and he awkwardly hurries away. Once everyone goes into Penny and Leonard's apartment, Amy's dad sneaks back in.

Cut to Amy and Sheldon. The pair are continuing their vacation in New York, where Shelton tells the bellhop about their plans, including sex. He's put it on the schedule.

At Leonard and Penny's, the pair are settling in to watch television when they hear Amy's mother vigorously pounding on Amy and SHeldon's door. She's looking for her husband, and she gets Leonard to unlock the door and let them as she's insistent that Larry's hiding in there. Se says she can smell his Axe body spray. After a brief search, it turns out Amy's mom is right. Larry is hiding in the shower.

Cut to Howard and his Bernadette. They're watching the news for Rajesh's television debut and he jokes that Neil Degrasse Tyson must not have been available to which the host admits that is the case. He ends up talking a bit too much about Tyson and not enough about the meteor shower he was supposed to.

Meanwhile in New York, Sheldon and Amy come back form their Harry Potter adventure and Sheldon is ready for more "conjugal relations", but Amy is trying to defer. It turns out that she's a bit troubled by the fact that Sheldon has literally scheduled all of their intimate moments and she would like things to be more spontaneous.

Back home, Mrs. Fowler is trying to get to the bottom of what is going on with Larry. Leonard and Penny sort of mediating before heading to their own apartment. Kathy notes that she doesn't think the pair will make it in their marriage.

In their own apartment, Leonard and Penny talk about the situation with Amy's parents and reflect on their own relationship and how they might very well be much like the other couple -- with Penny being just like Amy's mom.

At Howard's house, Rajesh is excited about his television debut despite his awkward comments about Neil Degrasse Tyson. Bernadette suggests he should reach out to Tyson apologize, but Rajesh sees it as an opportunity to have a rivalry that will enhance his own status.

In New York, Amy and Sheldon's honeymoon experiences some strain and the two get into a little spat talking about their sex situation while waiting for a tourist attraction. The spat ends with an upset Amy walking away and Sheldon not sure what to do.

Penny is making espresso, still upset about Leonard's comparison of their relationship to the Fowler's. Leonard tries to smooth things over, though as he tries to he somewhat proves that they in fact are. It does lead to the pair talking about their relationship in the future -- how they will be with each other in 30 years -- and they hug and makeup.

Rajesh is continuing to have a Twitter feud with Tyson. Bernadette tries to convince him that attacking Tyson will not impress him. Rajesh jokes that Bernadette sounds old.

At Leonard and Penny's, Mrs. Fowler says her husband called her overbearing. Penny tries to smooth things over which leads to Amy's mom wanting to spend more time with her. Penny later goes to talk to Larry.


Sheldon catches up with Amy and brings her hot dogs. He tries to apologize to her, opening up about how he's not a "particularly physical" person but wants to be a good husband to her -- which includes intimacy. He thinks he has to schedule them so he doesn't forget and hurt their relationship. Amy says that she could never be with anyone else and suggests a compromise. Sheldon can schedule all he wants so long as he doesn't tell her about it. He tells her the schedule won't truly be random and she explains the science why. It's a turn on for Sheldon and off they go back to their hotel.

The episode closes out with Rajesh answering the phone while driving. It's Neil Degrasse Tyson. He's called to invite Rajesh to come insult him to his face, reminding him that he's the man who had Pluto kicked out of the Solar System. Rajesh wants no part of it. However, after he hangs up, Tyson decides to hand out another "Degrasse kicking" -- and calls Bill Nye who hangs up in fear upon realizing who is on the phone.