The Cast of Amazon's Upload on Their Hopes for Season 2

Just one week after its debut on Amazon Prime, the streaming service announced that Upload will be back for a second season. Amazon Studios announced the renewal on Friday, letting fans of the Robbie Amell, Andy Allo starring series breathe a little easier now that they're guaranteed to find out what's next after the shocking cliffhanger the series' first season ended on -- not to mention the many unanswered questions. While fans are now eagerly awaiting to see what's next, Upload's stars are also curious to see where things go for their characters, as well -- and they have some definite ideas of what they'd like to see.

Ahead of Upload's premiere, asked the cast of the Greg Daniels series what their hopes for Season 2 were. For Andy Allo, who plays Nathan's (Robbie Amell) "angel" customer service representative and love interest in the first season, she wanted to see Nora turn her attention to herself instead of always trying to take care of everyone else, be it in her role as a customer service angel or in her own, non-work life as well.

"Ooh, I feel like it'd be great to explore Nora being her own person and not so much trying to take care of everybody else," Allo said. "I think she spends a lot of time taking care of her clients, of their customer service angel needs, and worrying about Nathan and saving people and now saving her dad. So, I think it'd be interesting for her to explore what does she want and without it being attached to somebody else. And finding her own kind of strength and power independently as opposed with somebody else."

For Zainab Johnson, who plays Nora's friend and coworker Aleesha, she wanted to see more about Aleesha's life outside of work -- even though that would mean exploring her other jobs since Aleesha has so many.

"I would like to explore Aleesha's life outside of Horizen," Johnson said. "What I love about Aleesha and Nora is that we're some of the few characters that get to exist in both places, this real world and then Lakeview. But Aleesha has so many jobs. I remember opening up the script and just in one line it was revealed to me, 'Oh I have so many jobs.' So, I would love to see me in those jobs because not only is it multiple jobs, but they're funny jobs."

"And I want to know why," Johnson continued. "I want to know why Aleesha has so many jobs because sometimes it seems like she doesn't like her job. So, then to have so many, I would love to sort of see that play out and I'd love to see ... I would love to have a face-off between Aleesha and Ingrid. I would just love it and not necessarily that the face-off would mean that we would repel. Who knows what will happen when Aleesha and Ingrid get together and who knows what that means for the rest of the characters."

And that face off is something that could actually happen. Season 1 of Upload ended with Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) unexpectedly showing up in the bleak "2 Gig" tier of the digital afterlife and not as a visitor for Nathan. It was revealed that she'd actually uploaded -- potentially meaning that she had ended her own life in order to come join Nathan, who had just broken up with her a few days before.

"I have so many hopes for Ingrid in a possible season two, if it happens," Edwards said. "I love the idea of Ingrid just running wild in Lakeview because she feels as though she can control everybody and that no one can say no to her. And I like the idea of the possibility of Ingrid having an angel maybe like Aleesha, who does not take crap from anybody."

Ingrid interacting with others was something that Amell had as a primary focus for his Nathan as well.


"Well, I mean Ingrid is now uploaded and she's in 2 Gig with Nathan," Amell said. "I would love to see Nathan try and pawn Ingrid off on someone else. I feel like it'd be funny if he was just trying to play matchmaker for her. Like, 'Have you met Ingrid? This is my beautiful friend Ingrid. So sweet.'"

The first season of Upload is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.