The Archer Cast Wants You to Binge-Watch Archer During Quarantine

As the world continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic and copes by keeping ourselves [...]

As the world continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic and copes by keeping ourselves locked indoors, the cast of Archer has the perfect way to spend this time to ourselves: binge-watching old seasons of Archer. It might not come as a surprise that a cast of a show would encourage fans to watch their show, but recent seasons of Archer have seen the narrative take a more conceptual approach to the characters, seeing them travel through time and space, while Season 11 is set to return to the proper narrative of the series, with the best way to prepare for that return being to revisit earlier seasons.

"I feel like they should go back and watch the show from the beginning," Aisha Tyler shared with when discussing how to get ready for Season 11. "Which, I think is a good recommendation under any circumstances, but I think, the DNA of the show, we're returning to some of the dynamics from the scenes that we started with back in the beginning. The great thing about Archer, is that, no matter where we are, if we're in space, or in, 1940s Los Angeles, or on Whore Island, the way that we interact remains consistent. The dynamics between the characters is always really consistent, that's the glue that holds the show together. But I think it would behoove people, and I mean, this is like a really fun piece of homework, is to just go back and watch everything from the very beginning. I mean, you're on quarantine, so you don't have anything to do."

She added, "Just saying, like when your family is angry with you, and when your kids want you to help them with their homework, and when your spouse is like, 'Why are you still unwashed?' You say, 'Well, because Lucky [Yates] and Chris [Parnell] and Aisha told me that I have to watch."

Another reason it would be beneficial for audiences to revisit the older seasons is that, unlike a number of other animated series whose status quos never change, various elements of the characters and their dynamics have evolved over the years. Parnell went on to note that, while there's a lot for his character Cyril to look forward to in the new season, things don't stay that way for long.

"Well, with Cyril, it's interesting, I get to start Season 11 the way that I ideally would like to, the character, and then it doesn't stay that way for long," the actor admitted. "So I get to realize, oh that's how I would love to see Cyril be, and then, it changes. Cyril is not perfect."

Tune in to the Season 11 premiere of Archer on September 16th on FXX.