Batwoman Recap With Spoilers: Hush Terrorizes Gotham in "A Secret Kept From All the Rest"

Batwoman is nearing the end of its first season -- but not before introducing a game-changing new villain along the way. Throughout the first season, the series has weaved in the story of Tommy Elliot, the former childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who goes on to become Hush. After weeks of anticipation, the series confirmed that Hush - complete with his unsettling face bandages and his proclivity for violence - is about to make his grand debut in this week's installment. Here's everything you need to know about this week's episode, "A Secret Kept From All the Rest". Obviously, spoilers for the episode lurk below! Only look if you want to know!


Hush murders people as he makes his way through the Gotham library, taking an older man hostage. Mouse, Alice, and Hush take the doctor to Arkham and torture him, but he's unable to decode the entire journal's hidden language, and they ultimately kill him. Alice suggests that they kidnap Luke Fox, but Mouse is against it.

Kate confronts Regan about what happened with the journal, and Regan argues that not all of their relationship was a sham. Regan admits that she's Magpie's sister, and hints that the journal might have gotten to Julia. Kate visits Julia at the Crows headquarters about that, and Julia is offended by Kate not trusting her. Kate talks to Luke and Mary about her suspicions surrounding Julia, and try to figure out what she really wants with the book.

Hush abducts another codebreaker, who Alice tortures to death. Alice determines one other codebreaker who they could bring in -- Parker, the teenage hacker that Alice and Kate dealt with as Terrier.

Kate and Mary realize that Hush is going after codebreakers to try to decode Lucius' journal. They later get a call from Parker's girlfriend, alerting Kate to what's happening. Kate chases Hush and Parker's van throughout the city, but Hush ultimately escapes. Alice gets upset that Hush failed, and decides to do things her way.

As Hush develops a reputation across Gotham City, The Crows try to track him down. Jacob isn't happy that Batwoman is involved, which worries Sophie.

Luke confronts Julia at the Crows office, revealing that he knows she's not telling the truth, and asking who she's working for. Midway through the conversation, he gets a call from Kate -- which ends up actually being a trap for Hush to find and kidnap them. Alice threatens Luke into decoding Lucius' journal, otherwise, Julia is going to be electrocuted to death.

Kate brings Parker down into the Batcave, which annoys Mary. As they try to contact Luke, Sophie visits Kate -- which makes things awkward when the conversation turns to Julia.

Hush tortures Julia, which distracts Luke from trying to decode the journal. Luke worries that he's nothing like his father, which might get them both killed in the process. Mouse asks Alice why they're keeping Hush alive, and she argues that he can lead them to whatever weapon the journal points to. Luke begins to figure out the sequences in Lucius' journal, which end up being tied to his social security number. Mary discovers a pair of glasses in Lucius' box of belongings, which are able to digitally translate the entire journal. Luke decodes the journal, and realizes that its message is too secretive for him to tell Alice.

Meanwhile, Parker figures out that Alice is torturing her victims in Gotham, and Kate tracks them down. She agrees to trade them the glasses in exchange for Luke and Julia's lives, but Luke stops her -- because the book contains the secret to killing whoever wears the batsuit. Alice realizes that the glasses are real, and lets them all go. Batwoman helps Julia and Luke escape, but promises to go after Alice and get the book back. A guard notices Batwoman and triggers the alarms, which leads Alice to let every prisoner in Arkham free. Batwoman makes her way through the rioting prisoners, while Alice and Mouse escape.

Kate reunites with Luke, who argues that his life wasn't worth Alice potentially killing her. Kate disagrees, and says she isn't able to be Batwoman without Luke. Parker leaves the Batcave, but not before telling Kate to try harder with Sophie.

Sophie and Julia reunite, leading to the two of them kissing -- just as Kate arrives. Kate talks to Julia, who reveals that she's working with Safiyah. Kate has never heard of her before, but Julia says Safiyah will target them both now.

Jacob meets Batwoman at the bat-signal, confronting her about the Arkham prisoners being freed. He warns her to stop fighting crime, otherwise it'll lead to an all-out war between her and the Crows.

Mouse is upset at Alice for how things were handled in Arkham, but Alice argues that her priority is killing Batwoman. She then asks Mouse to find Tommy so he can help them find the weapon to do so -- kryptonite.



Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.