Batwoman: SPOILER Dies in Season 1 Finale

Batwoman is nearing the end of its debut season, and it is completely shattering fans' [...]

Batwoman is nearing the end of its debut season, and it is completely shattering fans' expectations in the process. The hit The CW series aired its early Season 1 finale tonight (due to shutdowns tied to the COVID-19 pandemic), which took its ensemble of characters into some unexpected new territory. For one character in particular, the events of the episode proved to be particularly foreboding -- and legitimately tragic. If that sequence left you confused - or your heart broken - we're here to break it all down. Obviously, spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Batwoman, "O, Mouse!", below! Only look if you want to know!

Part of the episode saw Alice focused on her efforts to get a shard of Kryptonite, which is confirmed to be the only thing to completely puncture Kate Kane/Batwoman's (Ruby Rose) Batsuit. This was diametrically opposed from what Mouse (Sam Littlefield) wanted them to do, which was to leave Gotham as soon as possible to avoid being caught or killed. Alice resisted, however, especially after learning that a Kryptonite shard is being held in Wayne Tower.

Midway through the episode, she suggested that she and Mouse do a "trauma bond exercise" - destroying the thing that bonds them to the trauma of their past, so they can move on. This seemed to only involve burning their cherished copy of Alice in Wonderland -- but ultimately culminated in Alice fatally poisoning Mouse, for making her have to choose between both sides of her life. She cradled Mouse in her arms, telling him goodbye as he dies.

This definitely seems to bring a finite end to Mouse's journey on the series, one that began through his and Alice's traumatic childhood at the hands of August Cartwright (John Emmet Tracy). As Skarsten told, that moment was just as - if not more - emotional to bring to life as it looked on screen.

"Yeah, that wasn't acting. I was genuinely so sad that Sam was dying off of the show," Skarsten told "He became a really dear friend of mine throughout the season as we were filming. I so enjoyed working with him, both on a personal level, but also just on a creative and professional level. It's been really nice for me as Alice, to have sort of the consistent player to always play off of, to have someone who brings as much crazy. And also, just it's been interesting from the perspective of the story, because Mouse has sort of served as her check-in or her barometer for things. And now she's a bit of a loose cannon that he no longer is there. I'll be very interested to see how that affects Alice and her decisions and what she does going forward. That's number one."

As Skarsten also revealed, the scene also took on a completely different context, as it was one of the last scenes filmed before production was shut down back in March.

"It was also just an emotional day in general," Skarsten continued. "We got a call that morning that the production would be shutting down for the coronavirus, and we were going to finish the day that was scheduled so that they could finish the episode. We were all basically going into work, and so I think there was just all this uncertainty of the day, and kind of not knowing what was going on, but also really just realizing, "Wow, not only is this his last day, but now we're all shutting down.' I was just sort of really relishing that day, because I didn't know when I'd get to be on set again."

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Batwoman will return with new episodes in January of 2021.