Disney+ Reveals Baymax Series Trailer

Disney+ has revealed the trailer for the Baymax! series, which is coming to the Disney streaming service in summer 2022. This spinoff of the Big Hero 6 franchise is "Walt Disney Animation Studios' first-ever animated series," and "takes place in the fantastical city of San Fransokyo and features fan favorite healthcare bot, Baymax. Created by Don Hall, the Oscar-winning director of "Big Hero 6." As you can see in the trailer above, the Baymax series will basically take everything fans loved about the inflatable healthcare robot and turn it into the kind of situational comedy viewers can love. 

When Baymax! was announced during a Disney investors call, Don Hall stated that, "The series really focuses on Baymax's original protocol, which is to be a nurse robot." It's a unique opportunity, as Big Hero 6 was Disney Animations big foray into the superhero genre. However, the Oscar-winning film was all about a friendly care provider being forced into the role of a vengeful superhero - but it was the more mundane scenes of Baymax interacting with normal people in non-heroic situations that provided a lot of the underlying charm of Big Hero 6. And without a doubt, Baymax is the biggest merchandising earner for that franchise - far more so than the titular "Big Heroes" that make up the rest of the team. 

When Disney did Big Hero 6 The Series, creative team member Mark McCorkie admitted that the franchise needed more focus on its indidvidual characters: 

"Well, I think one thing is it's a chance to focus on a few characters at a time... It's such a big ensemble and all the characters are so wonderful, it's an embarrassment of riches in the previous seasons. It was very hard, I think, for the writers to give everybody their moment. There was so much to explore because they're all such great characters. I think the 11s did give us a chance to shine the spotlight on characters in a different way."

Baymax! will premiere on Disney+ in Summer 2022.