Baby Yoda Now Available to Buy From Build-a-Bear Workshop

Ever since Star Wars: The Mandalorian first debuted, "Baby Yoda" has become a bonafide cultural phenomenon. The pint-sized creature has delighted diehard fans and newbies alike, and has also sparked a pretty lucrative merchandising chain. If you need to add yet another Baby Yoda stuffed animal to your collection, Build-a-Bear Workshop is here to help. Months after initially teasing it, Build-a-Bear has officially debuted its The Child Plush Toy, which is now available to purchase on their website. The stuffed animal, which you can check out below, is even cuter than fans might have anticipated.

baby yoda build a bear 1
(Photo: Build-a-Bear)
baby yoda build a bear 2
(Photo: Build-a-Bear)

"This mysterious bounty just might be the cutest alien in the galaxy! This curious quarry is known as the Child, and it's sure to bring bountiful hugs for fans who can't get enough of this mysterious species," the stuffed animal's description reads. "Inspired by The Mandalorian, this officially-licensed plush features the Star Wars™ logo on the paw pad and includes its brown robe."

The online version of The Child Plush Toy is available unstuffed, but can be stuffed at your local Build-a-Bear at no additional cost.

Baby Yoda's stardom has been undeniable, both for his inherent cuteness and for his role in The Mandalorian's plot. According to those tied to the series, that was a goal from the get-go -- even if the fandom around him was unprecedented.

"Baby Yoda was part of this from the beginning," Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy explained. "We didn't know exactly what Baby Yoda was going to look like, and we didn't necessarily call him Baby Yoda. But yes, he was a part of this."


"All of us were attracted to the character as he evolved," Kennedy continued. "And we knew when he was on the set from how everybody was reacting that he would certainly be a popular character," Kennedy said. "But I don't think anybody quite anticipated the degree to which he would catch on. That, I have to say, was a bit of a surprise. We knew enough to keep him secret. But we keep a lot of things secret on Star Wars."

Will you be adding the Baby Yoda Build-a-Bear to your collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!