Community's Joel McHale Believes There's a Real Chance the Movie Will Finally Happen

The more time that Community spend on Netflix, the more likely it seems that the beloved sitcom will finally fulfill its destiny of Six Seasons and a Movie. Since arriving on Netflix at the beginning of this month, Community has become a hit with TV fans once again, gaining an even bigger following than it already had. This has led to increased conversation about the series amongst not only the fans, but the cast and crew as well. The Community movie has always seemed like a fairy tale, but now it's looking like reality.

All of Community's stars are feeling more confident than ever that the movie is going to get a green light. A couple of weeks ago, Joel McHale said that said that the movie is more likely now than ever before. Why is that? recently sat down with the actor to find out what exactly has him confident about the film's existence.

"Well, because I think people started getting calls from Sony about it," McHale told us. "I didn't, which is disturbing, but I know Alison [Brie] tweeted out that she got an actual call from Sony. So that's really cool. And that's why I think it's even more real than ever, because if Sony's going get behind it and then it could happen. I don't know if we're going to get Donald [Glover] because he's the busiest person. He turned into one of the most famous people on the planet. If we could get him for an hour, that would be great. So I do think it's more real than it's ever been. For a long time, I was like 'There's not a chance.' Then all of a sudden, in the last few months I was like, 'Holy crap. There's a chance.'"

McHale, along with the rest of his co-stars, always hoped that the Community movie would happen one day, but there was never really any confidence behind the idea. Regardless of how improbable it seemed, however, the entire cast has remained close, and just about all of them seem willing to return if the opportunity presents itself.


"We always kind of joked about it," he continued. "So there hasn't been a new text chain saying, 'Dude, are you in?' There has never been anything like that. We've always kind of joked about it. I think pretty much everyone is the game if it could actually come together. As you know, you can talk about a movie like this or something like that, but scripts have to be written, pandemics have to be lifted, schedules have to be cleared. There's a ton of moving parts. I'll say I'm definitely in it had if it happened, because I still count it as one of the coolest things I ever got to do. [Creator] Dan [Harmon] really came up with a humdinger of a show."

There's no official word on the Community movie from Sony or Harmon, at least not yet. The way things are going right now, a return to Greendale may finally be in the cards.