Doom Patrol Recap With Spoilers: It's Father-Daughter Time in "Dad Patrol"

Last week's Doom Patrol saw some of the team deal with Scants and also saw Niles make that fateful phone call to Willoughby so that he can deal with Dorothy -- something that sounds pretty ominous since Niles asked for just one more day. This week, Niles and Dorothy have that last day, but with only one more episode remaining in the series' second season, things may well be out of their control. Find out what happens in this week's penultimate season two episode, "Dad Patrol".

Warning: Spoilers for this week's episode of Doom Patrol, "Dad Patrol", below.

The episode opens in Arkansas, 1954 with Kay Challis' father putting her into a well for disobeying him and ends up dropping a beloved toy in the process. In the Underground, Jane is concerned that both Scarlet Harlot and Lucy Fugue have gone missing, but Miranda comes and discredit Jane claiming that Kay is starting to heal. Kay chimes in that she wants Harry, the toy she dropped. Jane says she'll go get Harry. At Doom Manor, Cliff gives Clara tour of the place and tries to bond with her.

Elsewhere, Niles and Dorothy stop at a gas station and he gets a call -- on a peanut butter cup -- from Willoughby who says that there are whisperings that the end of the world is coming if Dorothy matures any further. However, while Dorothy is in the convenience store, she discovers she's having her first period. At Doom Manor, Larry wakes up in his room and finds a recording her and his son made before his fateful test flight back in the sixties. Jane shows up and asks him to come to Arkansas with her.

At the convenience store, the clerk comes to help Dorothy and explains that getting her period is part of growing up -- but she also tells her not to tell her dad since some dads can't handle their daughters growing up. At the Manor, Rita tells Vic about her heroics as Beekeeper complete with a great The Avengers (original, not Marvel) style fantasy sequence called Beekeeper and Borg. However, Vic notices that a headline that the VP of Quorum has been found murdered and now Vic can't reach Roni.

Jane explains to Larry where they're going and how Flit won't even get close to the farm. Jane explains that she doesn't know how things work, but she might disappear if Kay gets better. They get to the well and Jane has a flashback to when a teen Kay, as Miranda, gets put into the well again. At the Manor, Cliff and Cara talk with Clara revealing that she's marrying a woman -- she's a lesbian -- and struggling with the fear of failing at marriage. Cliff gives some awkward, but heartfelt and well-meaning advice, and before she leaves, Clara invites Cliff to her wedding.

Niles takes Dorothy to an area fair. She wins a blue stuffed bear for Jane, but she ends up having a vision of an indigenous woman -- her mother --bringing her a pair of red boots, telling her it's time. She sees the woman repeatedly as she and Niles go about their day. Unaware of this, Niles sends her into a funhouse alone where the woman takes her to the Yukon and tells her she is ready and the Candlemaker tells her it is time to let him out. Dorothy flees back into the funhouse.

In Arkansas, Jane goes into the well. After some searching, she finds a safe space in the stones where the toy was placed as well as a letter Miranda wrote to the father. In the Underground, Jane gives Miranda the toy and cedes her role as primary only for Miranda to throw the toy back into the well and shove Jane in as well. Jane finds the bodies of Scarlet and Lucy in the well along with Baby Doll and Flaming Katy.

In Detroit, Vic and Rita show up at Roni's where the FBI are investigating. They find the vial of uma jelly in their search. Vic eventually finds Roni at the diner and confronts her. The uma jelly has saved her from dying and she did, in fact, kill the Quorum VP and may kill again. Vic tries to stop her, and they fight with Vic having to bust out his Cyborg arm to stop her from harming him. Roni ends up leaving.

At the fair, the day begins to run out and Willoughby shows up. However, before they can get very far, they discover that things are melting, meaning that Dorothy has grown up and the Candlemaker is coming. They've missed their chance to stop things.

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