DuckTales Confirms A Goofy Movie Is Canon With Adorable Prom Photo

DuckTales is back and the first salvo of new episodes confirmed A Goofy Movie is canon with a pretty adorable prom photo. "Quack Pack" is just the latest episode of the series to fold in more elements from the Disney Afternoon slate of characters. This time Goofy and his son Max get the spotlight and the results are phenomenal. Anyone who spent their after-school time watching Goof Troop or catching A Goofy Movie on Disney Channel is going to be pretty pleased. (That's before we ever get to the subtle nod in the title concerning the trio of Donald's nephews and their short-lived show.) But, it's amazing to see Roxanne on screen again.

1995's Disney animated feature followed Goofy and Max on a road trip to go fishing over the summer. Briefly before the trip, the younger Goof gets branded as a delinquent by his high school principal because he decided to pull a stunt during a pep rally. Max decides to dress up like R&B superstar Powerline and perform for his crush Roxanne in front of the entire school. ("Stand Out" is the name of the song in question as performed by Tevin Campell as the delightful "Powerline", a mixture of Prince and Michael Jackson.)

When he gets busted, he makes up a story about going to see Powerline in Los Angeles to cover for heading out on the fishing trip. It's a Disney movie, so hijinks ensue, Max learns a lot about his father, and they actually end up performing on stage with the R&B sensation. Roxanne doesn't care about the fishing and the two get together by the end of the film.

In this episode though, Donald and his brood are trapped inside of a fake sitcom reality. Goofy is dressed the same as he was in Goof Troop and pulls out some wallet photos of his son dressed like Poweline and going to prom with Roxanne. It's a subtle nod, but fans of the Disney Afternoon cartoons will surely get a kick out of it. In a previous episode Dewey and his mother Stella actually sang a Powerline song, Stand Out, during an episode. But this is concrete evidence that all those events occurred within the universe of the new DuckTales.


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