Fear the Walking Dead Stars Say Goodbye to Exiting Cast Member

The cast and creators behind Fear the Walking Dead say their goodbyes to the latest victim of the zombie apocalypse. Spoilers for Sunday's midseason premiere, Episode 608 "The Door." When Morgan (Lennie James) and John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) are reunited for the first time since Morgan's near-death experience at Humbug's Gulch, the two best friends join forces to get Morgan and Dakota (Zoe Colletti) across a bridge leading to the hidden community Morgan is building away from Pioneer leader Virginia (Colby Minifie). But when John makes a startling realization about Dakota, a deadly secret comes to light that will change Fear forever.

"The Door" ends with Dakota shooting John for figuring out she murdered Ranger Cameron (Noah Khyle) at the Lawton settlement, where Virginia executed Janis (Holly Curran) to cover up her younger sister's crime. John falls into a river and succumbs to his wound, reanimating as a walker that is found and put down by his wife June (Jenna Elfman).

"We love Garret so much. We wrote this role with Garret in mind," Ian Goldberg, who wrote "The Door" with co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss, said on Talking Dead. "There was never any other consideration from the beginning. In fact, before we named him 'John Dorie,' he was just called 'Garret Dillahunt.' Garret is such a phenomenal actor, he brings such an incredible balance of humor and danger, which is a rare combination. You just never know what you're gonna get with him."

Added Chambliss, "We chose to open Season 4 with John Dorie giving this very kind of long monologue [in 'What's Your Story?'] where he's kind of very upfront about who he is, but it felt right to the character. But that's a hard thing to ask an actor to come in and do for a character that they are just defining, and Garret did more to bring that character to life than we ever could have hoped for."

Maggie Grace, who joined Fear alongside Dillahunt in the Season 4 premiere, reflected on their three-season journey together: "We work in a lot of darkness and grit, and night shoots and water work and craziness, and Garret's just so much fun. He has this comedy take on everything. I love that about him and we're gonna miss him around here like crazy."

The John Dorie actor is "one of the most caring people" with a "big, generous heart," said Victor Strand actor and Fear veteran Colman Domingo. "I think we've had some of the most incredible, joyful scenes together because our characters and their ideology are such polar opposites, but I think that's what makes it work in such a beautiful way. I love you, Garret, I loved working with you. This is the beginning of many more things for us, my friend."

Said Alycia Debnam-Carey, also a Fear cast member since the first season, "When I first heard Garret was coming to work on our show, I was so unbelievably excited. I just think he's an extraordinary actor and a delight to work with, and he's always just been an amazing champion for everyone else on set."


"I'm gonna miss him a whole lot," the Alicia Clark actor added. "We're all gonna miss you. I cannot wait to see what you do next and I love you."

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