Sophie Turner Reveals Her and Maisie Williams Would Make out on Game of Thrones Set

The narrative of Game of Thrones took many characters on harrowing journeys, resulting in bonds forming between the characters that felt closer than family. The same can be said of the series' cast and crew, as traveling to various locations around the world to shoot the series resulted in immensely deep friendships. Stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are often seen on social media spending time together, confirming that not only are they sisters on the series, but incredibly close friends in real life. Turner recently confirmed that, as rumors swirled that the pair might be more than friends, they embraced the idea and would kiss each other in the middle of their scenes.

"Oh, we fully knew about it, we played into it," Turner revealed on Conan when discussing the romantic reports. "On the set, we would do the scene and then we would try to just kiss each other in the middle of the scene and see if anyone would react. And it's Game of Thrones, so incest is so normal, that they were just like, 'Alright. That's fine.'"

From the very beginning of the series, siblings having romantic relationships was a key element of the narrative, with Jaime and Cersei Lannister's relationship being one of the longest-running in the series. Keeping this relationship a secret led to multiple violent acts, with Turner joking about her on-set embraces, "It was probably the most tame thing that happened on the show, actually."

Turner married her partner Joe Jonas earlier this year, confirming that anything happening between her and Williams was merely platonic.

The actress added, "You know, sometimes you just wanna make out with your best friend."

Throughout the course of Game of Thrones, Turner's Sansa Stark was only ever romantically linked to emotionally and physically abusive partners. With a number of new series set in Westeros being developed by HBO, we shouldn't expect to see Turner return to the franchise to find a relationship for her character.

"No. It's time for me to say goodbye," Turner revealed to The Hollywood Reporter when asked if she'd ever play Sansa again. "She's ended up in a place that I'm so happy with. I don't know. It would be different if someone actually came and said, 'We want to do a Sansa spinoff show,' but I'm pretty sure I'd say no. It's been 10 years of watching this character grow, and she's at her peak right now. I'm sure if she carried on and did a spinoff show, it would just be downhill from there. She'd have to go through some other terrible traumas or something, and I don't want to do that."


Turner can currently be seen in X-Men: Dark Phoenix while Williams will be seen in the spinoff The New Mutants, slated to hit theaters on April 3, 2020.

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