House of the Dragon Episode 3 Preview Offers More Detailed Look at Creepy New Villain

Through two episodes, HBO's House of the Dragon has been all about the Targaryens. There are characters from other houses involved in the story, but the root of the entire story is the line of Targaryen power. Both the heroes and the villains of the series seem to be those in House Targaryen, save for one chilling new villain that was introduced at the end of the second episode. While very little information is available about this villain, the preview for the show's third episode offers a much better look at them.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for House of the Dragon! Continue reading at your own risk...

We learn in the second episode of House of the Dragon that there is a villainous pirate called the Crab-Feeder who preys on ships in the Stepping Stones, harming trade routes important to Westeros. The character nails victims to boards and allows crabs and other creatures to eat those victims alive. The only shot we got of the Crab-Feeder in the episode came in the very final frame, but the preview for next week's installment showed fans a better look. Check it out!

The preview for the new episode teases a conflict between Daemon and the Crab-Feeder that was established at the end of episode two. Corlys Velaryon approached Daemon in the final scenes of Sunday's episode and asked for his help in the Stepping Stones. If Daemon can take his army down to the shore and stop the Crab-Feeder's pirate forces from crushing the trade routes, he would gain power and loyalty from other houses in Westeros. When he eventually moves to take his spot on the Iron Throne, he would likely have more support from Westeros than his brother, due to his abilities as a military leader.

There's no telling how much the Crab-Feeder will be featured in next week's episode, but the preview does make it seem like a good portion of it will focus the conflict at the Stepping Stones. 

What did you think of the new episode of House of the Dragon? Are you excited to see what the series has in store for the Crab-Feeder? Let us know in the comments!