House of the Dragon Episode 5 Delivers Surprising Death in the Very First Scene

There hasn't been too much bloodshed on House of the Dragon through its first few episodes, save for the villainous Crabfeeder meeting his end at the hands of Prince Daemon Targaryen a couple of weeks ago. As time marches on, however, the dominos are all being put into place. The first major domino to fall was toppled in the very first scene of Sunday's new episode, "We Light the Way," though the character is one that hadn't been seen on House of the Dragon until that point.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of House of the Dragon! Continue reading at your own risk...

The episode begins in the Vale, with the Lady of Runestone Rhea Royce going off hunting by herself. While riding along the road through the Vale, she encounters Daemon Targaryen. We learn that this is Daemon's wife, and that she despises him as much as he despises her. She quickly realizes what he's there to do, however, and it shows on her face.

Daemon intentionally spooks Rhea's horse and causes it to fall back on top of her, breaking her back in the process. He's going to leave her there to die until she tells him, "I knew you couldn't finish." He then picks up a rock and walks back toward her before the camera cuts away. 

Who Is Rhea Royce?

To this point in House of the Dragon, Rhea had only been mentioned in conversation. She and Daemon were wed as part of an arranged, political marriage. She's disgusted by him and he thinks very little of her. We've seen him taking on a second wife at Dragonstone and often lamenting the fact that he was made to marry Rhea.

Rhea makes it clear that she and Daemon never consummated their marriage and that they have no children. This means that there is no one left to inherit the Runestone, House Royce's castle in the Vale, except for Daemon. Since he made the death look like an accident, everything that was Rhea's should ultimately go to him. Daemon is clearly putting his assets together in order to make a more powerful play against his brother down the line, and that starts with taking Runestone for himself.

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