House of the Dragon Composer Reveals Why He Kept the Game of Thrones Theme Music

The second episode of House of the Dragon finally let fans see the show's main title credits, which had become such a massive point of interest with the original Game of Thrones series. It wasn't much of a surprise to see that House of the Dragon utilizes a similar animation style to Game of Thrones with its credits, but the music itself certainly wasn't expected. House of the Dragon has the exact same theme music as Game of Thrones.

Some fans loved the inclusion of the original theme, as it has become such an iconic piece of music over the years. Other fans, however, were disappointed not to hear a new theme for the prequel. Ramin Djawadi, who composed the music for both shows, recently talked with IGN about why he chose to bring the Game of Thrones theme to House of the Dragon.

"I think that's a good example of tying back the old material with the new," Djawadi explained. "As a franchise to just connect all of these stories together. In the original main title, we always looked at and thought of it as an overarching theme that connects all of the characters and the journey and the adventures of this universe. So we felt it would be appropriate to connect it with this main title theme again."

The theme from Game of Thrones may have returned for House of the Dragon, but that's the only piece of music that will be carried over note for note. Some of the sounds from the original series will be heard in the prequel.

"Melodically I'm starting completely from scratch, but sonically I'm drawing back from the original score," the composer said. "There are certain sounds that I will use that I would have used with the Targaryen's in the past."

"The music has always played a big role in Game of Thrones," Djawadi added. "The music can guide the audience, and it can mislead the audience. So the original Game of Thrones we played very close attention to how we did the narration with music. We're definitely planning on doing the same thing here."

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