James Corden's Mammals Debuts First Trailer

The official trailer for Prime Video's Mammals has arrived. Uniting James Corden and Melia Kreiling, this dramedy tells the tale of life after finding "the one." The footage opens with Jamie (Corden) and Amadine (Kreiling) speaking in simultaneously about believing "in the impossible" and "the magic" of love. While the bigger picture narrative is kept close to the vest, the crux of Mammals' conflict comes when "disaster strikes" as Jamie receives a text message from someone named Paul that simply reads, "Whattup sexy." Jamie's concerned look indicates that this mystery person is someone he was not expecting to reappear in his life.

As title cards play, narration claims that "monogamy [is] a beautiful idea" but it comes with its obstacles, namely coming in the form of living up to being the aforementioned "one" for each other. The trailer concludes the way it opens, with Amadine insisting that they "believe in [the] magic" of love.

The vague trailer is no accident, as Mammals writer Jez Butterworth recently proclaimed that "everything" in the series that happens "after the first five minutes is a spoiler."

Butterworth has also praised Corden's performance in the show, noting that just about every take was final cut worthy.

"James doesn't exist in any context for me other than acting. We spent eight months cutting Mammals and I could have used every single bit of any take. Everything he did is so true," Butterworth said. "[Writing for James was] like rolling downhill. Same as it was with Mark on Jerusalem. It's a duet with that person. It was done before I knew it, and that's the sign that you're off to the races."

While his character's occupation as a chef is a far cry from Corden's real-life gig as a late night talk show host, the London native revealed that he found one profound parallel between Jamie and himself.

"What does resonate with me is when my character says he wants his own restaurant and someone asks whether he's good enough. And he replies: 'No. But I will be.' Then he explains the lengths he's already gone to just to get where he is," Corden said. "That I understand. That feeling of thinking: 'I would love to do this, and I think I can improve greatly.' I hope I never stop improving. I hope it's a constant long walk into the woods, and that I'll just keep going."

Mammals premieres on Prime Video this Friday, November 11th.