Jim Carrey's Cable Guy Returns for Super Bowl in New Verizon Commercial

It's Super Bowl Sunday and while the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals is certainly the main event, fans are tuning in for more than just the Big Game. They're also tuning in for the trailers and commercials that have become eagerly anticipated parts of any Super Bowl celebration and this year, Jim Carrey joins the ever-growing list of actors reprising fan-favorite characters for some of the Super Bowl's most interesting ads. This year, Carrey brought back his role of The Cable Guy for a new spot for Verizon.

The commercial sees Carrey — in character as The Cable Guy — promoting Verizon's 5G service. Carrey himself previously teased the ad with a short video post on social media. The ad is the first commercial that Carrey has ever appeared in, not to mention one where he appears as one of his classic characters and according to Verizon CCO and SVP Andrew McKechnie, the actor was excited to do it.

"[Carrey] was pretty psyched to do this and felt like this was the right time-you can't get a better moment than the Super Bowl to do something like this," McKechnie told Adweek. "Hopefully, when the viewers see it, it will feel like a great story both from a cultural standpoint and, in terms of 25 years later, what The Cable Guy ultimately represents."

The Cable Guy is a 1996 satire starring Carrey along with Matthew Broderick and Leslie Mann and directed Ben Stiller. The film also saw appearances by George Segal, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Charlies Napier, Janeane Garofalo, David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, Andy Dick, and Kyle Gass. In the film, Carrey's character is an obsessive cable guy who forms serious and troubling attachments with customers, the film specifically following his obsession with Broderick's character, Steven. The film was initially met with mixed reception from critics, but in the years since its release has gone on to become a cult favorite.

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