Kaley Cuoco Won't Be Able to See Husband While Finishing HBO Max's The Flight Attendant

With The Big Bang Theory in the rearview, and Harley Quinn currently between seasons, fans of Kaley Cuoco are looking forward to her latest TV venture, The Flight Attendant. The new series has been in the works at HBO Max for some time, but saw some setbacks at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, as production had to go on hold for a bit. Well, this week, Cuoco and the rest of the team are heading back to New York to finish the last couple of episodes, but she'll have to do so without seeing her husband, Karl Cook, for the better par of two months.

Over the weekend, Cuoco posted a video to her Instagram in which she and Cook offered some updates about their lives. She told fans that she'd be heading back to film for two months beginning Monday, but that Cook wouldn't be able to visit due to quarantine restrictions.

"The first update would be that I'm going back to work," Cuoco says early in the video. "So my sister, me, and my trusty assistant Emma go back to New York on Monday. And we have to quarantine, I'm sure you'll see a lot of stuff on social media about our quarantine... We'll be quarantined for two weeks and you'll get a look at our shenanigans, I'm sure. And then back to work. We only have like two and a half episode left, so I'm going to wrap up by the beginning of October. But he can't really visit me because it technically breaks my quarantine. It's a whole thing. So I'm gonna eat it all up this weekend."

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Cuoco goes on to talk a little more about The Flight Attendant, explaining that it's been a passion project of hers for quite some time and confirming that it will be released on HBO Max this fall.

"So I'm very excited to finish The Flight Attendant and it is going to come out this fall," adds Cuoco. "I don't have an exact date but that is exciting at all in itself. I don't know if you guys know this but I have been working on this project for three years. It goes back to three years from when I found the original book, so it's very exciting for me."


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