'Legacies' Creator Teases Fan-Favorites Returning in Season 2

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals follow-up series Legacies finished its first season last week with a massive, game-changing finale. Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) finally found her life's purpose after a full season of feeling like a "cosmic mistake". Unfortunately, that purpose meant sacrificing herself and being erased from existence. While fans are optimistic Hope will return, there are other fan-favorites fans are also hoping to see again -- something Legacies creator Julie Plec teases could well happen.

Plec told TV Line that there are "plenty" of characters the show would like to bring back.

"There are plenty of characters who aren't part of our ensemble who we'd certainly like to keep using and seeing again," Plec said.

In terms of the Legacies-specific world, that includes Penelope Park (Lulu Antariksa), a witch and ex-girlfriend of Josie Saltzman (Kaylee Bryant). The character left the Salvatore School after her mother got a job in Belgium, prompting Penelope to transfer to a witches-only school there. However, before she left Penelope and Josie admitted their love for one another and Penelope revealed to Josie a little thing called The Merge. In the Vampire Diaries universe, The Merge is a ritual in which the twins of Josie's coven, the Gemini Coven, that determines the next leader. The ritual combines the power of the twins, with the stronger of the pair essentially absorbing -- and killing -- the weaker one.

That grim and terrifying fate is something that has fans hoping for another return -- that of Chris Wood's Kai Parker from The Vampire Diaries. Kai was the brother of Josie and Lizzie's mother, Jo, and had siphoner powers just like the younger twins. However, he was also a sociopath who ultimately ended up banished into a prison world at in The Vampire Diaries' eighth and final season. And when it comes to seeing Wood's reprise his role as Kai now that the new twins are discovering more about their fate -- and having gotten their hands on a tool that could break him out of his prison world -- it's something Plec told Entertainment Weekly she's keeping her fingers crossed for.

"It's so rude of me and so presumptuous, but I am just going to keep layering in Kai Parker until Chris Wood feels like he's got no choice but to come back and play in our sandbox," Plec said. "I would love nothing more than to see that character again. I think he'd drop perfectly into this story line, even if we just got to see him in one episode. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that I can make that work out one of these days."

Did you keep up with Legacies' first season? Let us know what characters you'd like to see for Season 2 in the comments below.



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