Legacies EP Talks that Surprising Rafael Reveal in "We're Not Worthy"

Tonight's Season Three premiere of Legacies saw things get back to as close to normal as things go for the students of the Salvatore School. With Josie back from the dark side and their dealings with the Necromancer seemingly behind them, the new season opened with a little bit of fun for everyone in the form of their first-ever field day. However, things didn't go quite to plan when a medieval monster arrived with a challenge and it's something that resulted in a major reveal for Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith). Now, series executive producer Brett Matthews is breaking down what it means for the character.

Warning: spoilers for the Season Three premiere of Legacies, "We're Not Worthy", below.

In the episode, it turns out that a sword one of the students is using at field day is the real Excalibur and that Chad (Charles Jaz Terrier) has accidentally raised the Lady of the Lake from the Malivore pit. However, the Lady of the Lake isn't the monster. It's the Green Knight who is coming and only the sword can stop him. The catch? The Lady in the Lake puts it back in a stone and only the worthy will be able to retrieve it and stop the Green Knight.

The Super Squad gives it their best shot. Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) both try together to retrieve the sword while the others try to hold the Knight back, but it doesn't work. As things come down to the wire, Rafael shows up after having been dealing with trying to get Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) to return to his body for most of the episode and easily removes the sword, proving that it is he who is worthy -- and also confirming that Rafael is a descendant of King Arthur himself. On Legacies, bit reveals like that are rarely one-off things and Matthews explains that for Rafael, this reveal is very significant as it gives him another piece of his origin.

"As Rafael is a character who is a foster kid and always wondered about where he comes from and even when he tries to push that aside and say it doesn't really matter to him like it clearly deeply matters to him," Matthews said. "And he's found some of those answers over the course of the first two seasons so that answer is, I think, a very significant one to him, and yet, how much does it mean? Does it pale in comparison to the friends who have become your family? I think those were all important questions."


He continued, "But I think Rafael is someone who's always wondered about his origin. I think it's especially important to him. So, it is him on this journey to really sort of have what we all take for granted, which is a normal family unit and an understanding of where we come from and where we might be going as a result. So, I think it's a huge moment for him and something that is deeply important to him and it will go from there."

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET after episodes of Walker.