Legacies EP Teases "Fallout" For Josie in Season 3

Legacies returns for its third season tonight on The CW and while it's a new season, there are things still left to deal with from Season Two thanks to the unexpected COVID-19 related productions shut down last year. One of the major holdovers from Season Two is the Dark Josie storyline. As fans of the series will recall, one of the major plots of Season Two dealt with Josie (Kayle Bryant) turning into Dark Josie. As her dark self, Josie did some unspeakable things, but Josie was also ultimately able to "kill" Dark Josie during the Season Two finale. While this shift means that the real Josie is back, series executive producer Brett Matthews says there will still be fallout from things into Season Three.

Matthews told ComicBook.com that the dark and sometimes violent moves Dark Josie made will need to be dealt with going forward

"We can expect that the fallout of those very drastic actions will continue because, like you said, she made some pretty bold, dark, occasionally violent moves that sort of need to be dealt with," Michaels said. "And so, how she fits back into the fold plays out and the good news is the Super Squad is, you know, the legacy of this show is about friendship and this sort of family that's put together beyond the lines of blood relationships and so you know they will do their very best to embrace her and rally around. And the question will be what has that journey done to her as a person and her relationship with Lizzie by extension? And what does she think is the best way forward because when you've had a really traumatic event like that you don't resume your old life as it was because you've changed and so you will see that change play out in season three."

Matthews also teased that Josie's dynamic with her sister, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) will see some changes and growth as well due to the events of last season, particularly the Merge.


"That dynamic has changed a little bit with the events of the Merge and the sort of Dark Josie chapter of the show and so as Josie struggles to grow beyond that, Lizzie will also struggle to grow with her," he said. "And so the question is what has their dynamic become? It is not what it has only ever been the majority of their lives so that'll sort of be a thing the two of them will have to navigate along with Hope and along with their friends."

Legacies will return on Thursday, January 21, 2020, at 9 p.m. ET following the premiere of the Jared Padalecki-led Walker series.