Legends of Tomorrow's Shayan Sobhian Announces First Single From His Band, Mister Child

Shayan Sobhian, who played Behrad Tarazi on three seasons of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, has taken the time since the show ended to work on music with his new band Mister Child. Formed with his brother and musicians Ethan Child and Austin Lyne, the idea of "Behrad" starting a band should not be especially alien to anyone who watched Legends. Indeed, Sobhian's character had a history in music, and ultimately discovered in the penultimate episode that his designated "happy ending" would have seen him become a popular children's musician. Sobhian today announced the first single from Mister Child, and leaned into the Legends of it all.

Sharing a shot from Behrad's children's album, as well as a clip from the show in which Behrad performed "Peace Train" for a stoned and receptive Fidel Castro, Sobhian drew the parallels between he and his character, explaining that he had always had a passion for music, which meant that it kid of turned into life imitating art that imitated life.

"Sometimes I still can't believe I got to play a long-haired, yoga-practicing, stoner-who-became-sober, singing/guitar-playing, Iranian-American, time-traveling superhero for 3 years," Sobhian wrote in an Instagram post. "What a dream. In many ways, playing Behrad reminded me of who I was as I led the Legends through a yoga class; performed 'Peace Train' for a stoned Fidel Castro (don't ask); serenaded Sara and Ava with 'Songbird' as they walked down the aisle; let go of weed as I realized getting high was chill for a while but no longer served me; and attempted to explain the subtle science and exact art of 'Ta'arof.' It was life imitating art and vice versa, all the way through. Since @cw_legendsoftomorrow met its unfair demise last April, I've gone back to my musical roots and started a rock and roll band with my brother Kamran @sobhianproductions and our two new buddies, @echild114 and @austylyne. We're on a mission to keep classic rock alive by putting new spins on old tunes, and invoking the spirit of our favorite bands in our originals."

You can get links to all the popular streaming platforms here, and see the complete post below.

Sobhian also recently saw the YouTube release of a short film he worked on during his Legends run, titled Does Bigfoot Dream of Flowers?. You can read our conversation with him about that film here. 

All seven seasons of DC's Legends of Tomorrow are available to stream on Netflix.