Lovecraft Country Finally Makes a Major Love Connection

HBO's Lovecraft Country finally made a major love connection in episode 3 "Holy Ghost", and the fireworks were well worth the wait! (Warning, Spoilers Follow!) Since Lovecraft Country's first episode there have been sparks flying between series leads Atticus Freeman (Johnathan Majors) and Leti Lewis (Jurnee Smollet). During a hot house party in Leti's new boarding home (which comes with the threat of being in one of Chicago's unwelcoming white neighborhoods), passions finally boil over and Leti and 'Tic go from platonic to going all the way. Of course, this is Lovecraft Country and things don't quite end happily ever after.

Since the beginning, there have been careful-yet-purposeful brushstrokes made about Atticus and Leti's connection and shared past. Both grew up in Southside Chicago, and both seemingly had dysfunctional families - particularly with their respective same-sex parents. Both have bounced around the world (Atticus as a soldier, Leti as a free-spirited artist) only to have experienced some of life's true cruelties. That is to say: both characters come with a fair amount of heavy baggage and some deep scars. In that sense, it's no surprise that Leti and 'Tic's hookup ended on a very... awkward note.

Immediately after having a quickie in the bathroom, Atticus finds his privates are coated in blood. Leti awkwardly explains that she forgot her "monthly" must be on, but that's just a cover. Later on in the episode, after Leti has been through some racial and/or supernatural traumas, she is confiding in Atticus and decides to let him in on a big secret: she had been a virgin until they hooked up.

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As stated, this hookup between Lovecraft Country's two main characters is far from 'Happily Ever After.' Leti clearly has a lot of deep pain underneath the carefree spirited facade she puts on and Atticus' hot/cold turns when it comes to Leti look volatile enough to either grow completely cold or possibly explode.


For now, Atticus and Leti seem to be pretty well bonded. But this is Lovecraft Country we're talking about, so how long can this love connection actually last?

Lovecraft Country airs Sundays on HBO and streams on HBO Max.