Lovecraft Country: Major Character Dies In Second Episode

The second episode of HBO's Lovecraft Country wasted no time upping the weird factor with episode 2, "Whitey's On the Moon". As Atticus Freeman (Jonathan Majors), his Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance), and Leti Lewis (Jurnee Smollett) arrive at the home of Samuel Braithwhite (Tony Goldwyn), the search for Atticus' father Montrose (Michael K. Williams) took a turn into the supernatural. The trio discovers they are actually pawns at the heart of an ancient ritual for a secret society, and that the ritual requires some blood to spilled to work. Not surprisingly not all of Lovecraft Country's main characters make it out alive. '

Warning: Lovecraft Country SPOILERS follow!

Lovecraft Country's second episode ends on the tragic note of Uncle George dying in the arms of his brother Montrose, in the back of the family car, "Woody." George's fate had actually been teased earlier in the episode when Samuel Braithwhite critically injured both George and Leti with gunshot wounds, in order to punish Atticus for trying to flee and coerce him into participating in the secret society's dark magic ritual. Leti was magically healed as a sign of good faith for Atticus' cooperation, while George was left injured until Atticus had served his purpose.

Unfortunately for Samuel Braithwhite and his Sons of Adam sect, the ritual with Atticus proves to be beyond the measure of their wizardry, as the entire secret order is wiped out in the ritual - along with Samuel's entire estate. The destruction of the house broke the magic seals keeping George, Montrose, and Leti prisoner, but their escape comes with a major risk, as George's injury could prove fatal in the attempt. With little choice (as the house is literally coming down around them), Montrose and Leti have to carry George and make a run for it.

Lovecraft Coutnry Spoilers HBO Uncle George Death Courtney B Vance
(Photo: HBO)

Atticus, meanwhile, manages to escape the collapsing house as well (thanks to some help from an ancestral ghost-guide), but his moment of elation at seeing his friends and family waiting outside melts into horror and pain, as he sees Uncle George lying dead.


Lovecraft Country surprises with this major character death, as many fans expected Courtney B. Vance to be a series lead. It just goes to show that the series isn't playing it safe with its ensemble - which is especially chilling since the next episode is already teasing the more real-world horror of what happens when Leti settles in the "wrong part" of Chicago's segregated neighborhoods.

Lovecraft Country airs on HBO Sunday nights and also streams on HBO Max.